Setting Up EQ-Hit

To configure EQ-Hit to match your workflow, select Application Settings from the Settings menu.

General Settings

General Settings apply to the entire EQ-Hit application. Make required changes and click Save.

Setting Purpose Comments
Application Language Set the language in which the application user interface will be displayed. Translates menu names, button labels, etc. but not parts data (that is chosen on the Product Settings tab).
Navigation Style Step through EQ-Hit via images (Graphical) or text (List). Choose whichever you prefer; the data presented is the same in both views.
Picklist Choose how to add items to your picklist and whether to show it by default. Picklists are job-specific, but this setting will apply to all your picklists.
Notifications Uncheck the boxes to turn off warnings before losing each type of data. These are checked by default, and we recommend leaving them checked.

Product Settings

Product Settings apply to a specific product group. First, click to select EQ-Hit in the box in the middle of the screen. Then, make required changes and click Save.

Setting Purpose Comments
Data Language Determine the language in which parts information is displayed. Available languages for the current product are listed.
Region Select a region. Available for some products.
Price Book Select from a list of available price books. Available for all products, if your distributor has supplied you with a price book. Available prices will appear in a tab in the Part Details for individual parts, and can be displayed in the Picklist.
Part Number Display Select a display format.

Available for some products.

Isuzu data includes two options: 10-digit and 8-digit.

  • Selecting 10-digit will restrict your part number searches to 10-digit entries, and will display all part numbers in 10 digit format.
  • Selecting 8-digit will allow you to search for either 8- or 10-digit part numbers. In this case, if you enter a 10-digit number, the EPC will first look for an 8-digit match, and return 10-digit matches ONLY if there are no 8-digit matches.

Hyphens do not count as part of the 8- or 10-digit total.

Copy/Paste Format Make a selection from the drop-down menu. Available for some products.

User Settings

User Settings allow you to specify contact information for your dealership, as well as your individual name, email address, and a signature line which will automatically populate email fields when you email an Estimate or Illustration. This ensures that customers reply to the correct person at the Dealership.

Setting Purpose
Company Name, Address, Phone and FAX Automatically populate fields in the Estimate you create for customers.
Name Enter your own individual name. Included when you send inquiries via the Inquiries link under Help, and automatically populates fields when you email an Estimate or Illustration.

Enter your own individual email address at the dealership. EQ-Hit will use this email address if you ever need to reset your EQ-Hit password.

Note: spaces and the following characters can be used only within quotes in the first part of an email address: ( ) , : ; < > @ [ \ ]

Signature This text will automatically populate the main text of any emails you send.